1 noun
1 CHOICE (C) a choice or decision that you make by voting in an election or meeting: The Democratic Party is counting on your vote.
(+ for/against): There were 402 votes for Mr Williams, and 372 against. | cast your vote (=vote in a political election) —see also: casting vote
2 ELECTION (C) an act of voting, when a group of people vote in order to decide or choose something: The results of the vote were surprising - 80% of workers favoured strike action. | take/have a vote (on): We couldn't decide who to give the prize to so we took a vote on it. | put sth to the vote (=decide something by voting): Let's put it to the vote. All those in favor raise your hands.
3 RESULT (singular) the result of a vote: a very close vote | The motion was passed by a vote of 215 to 84.
4 PAPER (C) the piece of paper which you use to make your vote: Party members were up all night counting the votes.
5 NUMBER OF VOTES (singular) the total number of votes made in an election or the total number of people who vote: The Republicans increased their share of the vote. | policies designed to win the African-American vote (=all the votes of African-Americans)
6 the vote the right to vote in political elections: In France women didn't get the vote until 1945.
7 sth gets my vote spoken used to say that you are ready to support something: Anything that will mean a better deal for our children gets my vote.
2 verb
1 MAKE A CHOICE (I, T) to show by marking a paper or raising your hand which person you want to elect or whether you support a particular plan: In 1918 British women got the right to vote. | vote for sb: I voted for the Labour candidate in the last election.
(+ on): If we can't agree, we'll have to vote on it. | vote to do sth: Congress voted to increase foreign aid by 10%. | vote for/in favour of/against sth: 53% of Danes voted in favour of the Maastricht treaty. | vote sth down (=defeat a plan, law etc by voting) | vote sth through (=approve a plan, law etc by voting) | vote Democrat/Socialist/Republican etc: I've voted Democrat all my life.
2 ELECT (T) to elect or dismiss someone by voting: vote sb in/out (=elect or dismiss someone from a position of power): With policies like that he'll be voted out in the next election. | vote sb into power/office/parliament etc: Callaghan had been voted into office.
3 PRIZE (T) to choose someone or something for a particular prize by voting for them: `Schindler's List' was voted `Film of the Year'.
4 MONEY (T) if a parliament, committee etc votes a sum of money for something, they decide by voting to provide money for that particular purpose: Parliament has voted £20 million extra funding for road improvements.
5 vote sth a success/the best etc if people vote something a success etc, they all agree that it is a success: Tom's party was voted a great success by everyone there.
6 SUGGEST (T) informal to suggest something
(+ that): I vote that we go to the movies.
7 vote with your feet to show that you do not support a decision or action by leaving a place or organization

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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